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This is my main homepage where I have made available a few pieces of my software that I have released as freeware downloads (except Wallpaper Master Pro, which is shareware). Go to their individual pages for more information about them.

Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Master - An advanced auto wallpaper cycler and manager. Its main use is to automatically change your background wallpaper at certain intervals, and is great for indexing large collections of personal photos. Written in C++.

Yahtzee Online

Yahtzee Master - Play an addictive game of yahtzee free. Download or play online (as an applet). Has enhanced rules for multiplayer and also advanced computer players with various difficulties. Written in Java.

Typer Master - A freeware touch typing tutor for intermediate skill typists. Written in VB6.

Anagram Master - A freeware anagram solver. Searches for specified length anagrams in a large dictionary. Written in VB6.

ProcessorSim - A CPU Simulator. You can input assembly instructions and it will show an animation of the instructions being executed by a processor's architecture. It is useful for university level students and anyone interested in how CPUs work. Also allows you to create your own architectures. Written in Java.



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Yahtzee Master and Procsim were written in Java. Yahtzee Master was the result of my final year project at the University of Leicester for BSc Computer Science. ProcSim was written for my MSc in Software Engineering, as the final dissertation.

I wrote Wallpaper Master using Microsoft Visual C++ over a couple months. Basically to learn C++.
Also, I wrote it because the free wallpaper changer I was using at the time didn't really have the features I wanted... so here it is, the ultimate wallpaper changer!

I hope you enjoy my free software!


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