Anagram Master

Freeware Anagram Solver for Windows!

Anagram Master quickly solves anagram puzzles using a large English dictionary. It is useful for solving anagram problems, scrabble, word yahtzee, word poker and a few other word games and puzzles.

You can input any length of anagram and select the size of words to search for. It uses a word list containing 80,000 words (includes plurals). It contains British and American spellings for words. You can also replace the word list with your own; if for example you wanted to search for words without plurals, or even use a completely different language!

It is very simple to use, has a small file size, and there's no need to install: just unzip into any directory and run from there.





Download (223KB) Anagram Master v1.04 - Free!
Download without a word list (9KB).

Word List Pack (1.71MB) - Contains word lists for: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.


Minimum Requirements:
Processor: 500MHz
Memory: 64MB
Windows: 2000/XP (Not tested on Win98 or earlier)

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