Added option and shortcut to disable/enable intelligent filenaming (filename re-writing).
Added a shortcut to switch to a "safe" category (aka boss key).
Fixed issues with some anti-viruses picking up a false positive (due to heuristics issues with a control library I was using).
Fixed some crash issues with timer.
Fixed startup crash.
Fixed crash in fullscreen/screensaver.
Added shortcut to hide and show desktop icons (note this only works on Windows7 and above - and only with "run as admin" with 8 and above).
Fixed crash when tooltip too long.
Only logs errors now (can turn on full logging in app.config - change minlevel="Error" to minlevel="Info").
Updated sqlite - may fix an out of memory error.
Added hotkey to override resize for current wallpaper.
Fixed more windows 10 wallpaper positioning problems with multiple monitors.
Fixed Custom watermark positioning.
Fixed category refreshing after disable/enable.
Now correctly remembers size of window.
Moving multiple thumbnails around now keeps selection.
Double clicking image now resets "next change" timer.
"Change at time" now uses system time rather than UTC.
DB stability fix.
Can now use white as an override color.
Fixed more issues with moving categories.
Fixed installer not putting wpm into windows 10 start menu.
Fixed options window appearing behind main window.
Fixed category re-ordering.
Fixed category renaming.
Fixed folder auto-scanning when main window is open.
Fixed crash changing wallpaper order.
Thumbnail cache now much smaller (saves jpg instead of png)
Screensaver: Added 23 image transition options.
Fixed crash after adding a category.
Fixed random crash when saving settings.
Scanning a folder with a comma in now works.
Fixed crash if thumbnail cache grows too big.
Downscaling now uses bilinear filter instead of box filter (better for sharp edges).
Fixed saving window size when maximized.
Tray icon goes red when paused.
Selected thumbnail is slightly more clear.
Fixed crash when closing setup too quick after opening.
Fixed "don't transcode" on Windows 10.
Added option to use bicubic upsizing instead of bilinear (on by default).
If "don't transcode" is used, png will be used instead of bmp for win8 and above.
Add a disk cache for thumbnails - switching categories should be much faster.
Increased thumbnail memory cache size.
Added windows 10 compatibility.
Size, position and color overrides now work properly.
Added shortut key to open wallpaper in explorer.
Watermarking now also removes dashes by default.
Options window is now resizable.
Updated image handling library.
Added better error reporting.
Hotkeys window now scrolls properly.
Periodially saves settings so not lost on crashes.
Added Auto Update
Added gradient and texture options for wallpaper's background
Added override for wallpaper position
Delete key will now remove any selected wallpapers.
Fixed re-ordering of categories.
Added option to remove all images in a particular images folder
Added option to choose folder to place downloaded images.
Fixed another crash in the timer (thanks ness1610)