Desktop Wallpaper Master Pro

Wallpaper Master Pro - History

Here you will find all the changes I have made to Wallpaper Master pro to date

Version 1.62.1 - (25 September 2009)
-Fixed another startup crash with Windows XP.
-Fixed issue with button borders sometimes appearing black.
-Keeps selected wallpaper after sorting.
-Moved Update Category option in menu.

Version 1.62 - (14 September 2009)
-Multi-monitor style wallpaper detection now detects triple monitor and above wallpapers (now on by default).
-Wallpaper will no longer change if logged in via Remote Desktop (RDP).
-Vista and lower: some machines startup failure ("side-by-side configuration incorrect").
-Fixed Copy/Move to category when more than 8 categories.
-Fixed multimonitor - apply to monitor x when applying walls from multiple categories.
-Multimon: Fixed current wallpaper not being selected when opening main window.

Version 1.61 - (10 September 2009)
-You can now assign a category to a specific monitor if you have multiple monitors.
-Added option to apply image orientation from EXIF tags.
-Added option to ignore hidden files (i.e. skips over them when adding/monitoring a directory).
-You can now import images using Network paths.
-Added ability to import and export a file containing a list of image paths.
-Updated image handling libraries to latest versions.
-Added Update Category Folder Monitor option to tray menu.
-Fixed Undo when using multimonitors.
-Fixed a possible crash on startup (shortcut files issue).
-Fixed align to workarea for multimonitors.
-Fixed issue where after screensaver had finished, it would keep WPM paused.
-Fixed issue with missing drives in My Computer in Add Files dialog.
-Fixed auto remove missing wallpapers options.
-Fixed problem with "random - no repeats" with large wallpaper lists.
-Fixed tray tooltip when using select from multiple categories and multimonitor.
-WPM will still install for all users on the computer if user is admin, but by default will only auto-start for current logged in user.
-UI Adjustments:
   -Added border to hotkey textboxes.
   -Removed More/Less button from Global settings.
   -Add Folder now uses improved folder browser.
-Windows 7 Fixes:
   -Crash when using Folder browser in Monitor Directory.
   -Crash when using Monitor Directory with shortcut files.
   -Crash when using input boxes (e.g. add category).
   -Crash when using tile.
   -x64 crash when using "Pause when high CPU usage".

Version 1.60 - (22 June 2009)
-Added a Screensaver feature. It can be activated from the setup screen.
-Fullscreen now works properly with multi-monitors.
-Windows Shortcut files are now stored without following the links (so delete, rename, etc work on the shortcut files rather than on the image files they link to) - will still resolve directory shortcuts as before.
-Added a "Shuffle List" sort option to Sort menu (useful when used along side "Choose In Order").
-Added some button icons to main window.
-Added *.jpeg to file searching/filter (instead of just *.jpg).
-Improved color detection (i.e. for auto-choosing background color).
-Changed Auto-size defaults ("fill screen and crop" is on by default, and set to a larger max size).
-Fixed bug where it was not detecting a "dual-monitor" style wallpaper if it was on the second monitor.
-Improved dual monitor style wallpaper detection.
-Repacked with a different installer - works better with Vista.
-Added a bigger sample wallpaper.
-Added shortcut for Open in Viewer/Editor.
-Now reloads tray icon when a new instance tries to run (useful if the tray icon disappears for some reason).
-Changed the main icon.
-Fixed bug where WPM was sometimes showing up in the Windows Alt-Tab menu even when no WPM window was showing.
-Fixed bug where sometimes an incorrect "Change In" tooltip would be shown.
-Fixed "Stop changes when high CPU Usage" for computers with more than one core/processor.
-Fixed a GDI/User Object resource leak.
-Fixed issues with the background color dialog.
-Fixed Pixel Resize override not working.
-Add directory now works properly with mapped network drives.
-Fixed an issue where a lot of fonts were not working in watermarks.
-Global settings and color dropdowns now open on correct monitor.
-Fixed a crash after using folder chooser dialog.
-Multi-monitor support is now on by default.
-Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
-Now picks up sample images from default windows install on first startup (Vista/Win7).
-Removed auto-update (will still check for new versions - but won't auto-download them).

Version 1.52 - (24/11/2007)
-Added "Center Workarea" alignment to individual wallpaper overrides.
-Enabled tile for multi-monitors.
-Before deleting a wallpaper, it now asks for the password when in password protected mode.
-Added some more image corruption checking.
-Wallpaper image (bmp) is no longer stored in AppData as it was increasing the size of Roaming Profiles unnecessarily - stored in Local Settings now.
-Removed de-activation of some features when program is not registered and out of trial time.
-Watermark: No longer replaces "&" with "and".
-Changed WPM icon slightly - hopefully looks a little less glaring now in the tray.
-Fixed auto-start not working properly for other users on system.
-Fixed "Resize+Tile" not working if watermarking was off.
-Fixed crash in Vista when watermarking is on.
-Fixed Vista crash with "Monitor Directory".
-Fixed Vista crash after importing settings.
-Fixed Vista crash directly after registering.
-Fixed double startup after logging in to Vista.

Version 1.51 - (19/12/2006)
-Added option to automatically remove files that no longer exist (with no confirm window).
-Added option to sort by Path (rather that just sort by filename).
-Added FullScreen shortcut key.
-Added Select All option to dropdown.
-Multimonitor: If WPM comes across a corrupted image while in multimonitor mode it no longer crashes.
-Monitor Directory updates should now pick up .lnk files (shortcut files) if "use shortcut files" is on.
-Added feature to export/import settings.
-Added support for more than just Dual-Monitor systems - Now can support multimonitors. Up to 20 monitors at one time!
-When monitors are added or removed from the system, support for them will now automatically be removed and added if the Enable Multi-Monitor Support is on.
-Re-added "Tile+Resize" to individual image options.
-Added semi-undo ability for multimon - it will only change the primary monitors wallpaper.
-Fixed detection of dualmonitor wallpaper (wallpaper specifically made for dualmonitors).
-Fixed a major bug in "Change Every day at".
-Fixed cancel Fullscreen going back to first wallpaper.
-Added some file options to fullscreen.
-Added shortcut key for refreshing current wallpaper (useful for after editing image).
-Auto-create categories when current is filled while scanning a directory (not monitor)... now works again (will now add up to 256,000 files in one go).

Version 1.50 - (07/11/2005)
-Added ability to add a directory monitor to each separate category (Individual category directory monitoring).
-Added overrides for individual images: "Background Colour" and "Border" (on/off and colour).
-Added option to choose a percentage of screen size to resize wallpapers to.
-Added option to automatically detect and apply multi-monitor style wallpapers to a dual-monitor system (btw the best way is to use Fill & Crop for images meant for more than 2 monitors).
-Added option to apply the Fill & Crop style to an individual wallpaper (removed Tile & Resize for an individual image, was anyone still using this?).
-Added option to choose between two different resampling algorithms.
-Dual-Monitor - Added the extra filename to the tray tooltip. Fixed watermarking problem on second monitor
-Fixed crash when deselecting Separate User Settings after a clean install.
-Fixed Custom Resize with resize minus taskbar on.
-Fixed a redrawing problem with the preview picturebox when no image showing.
-Fixed a problem with Auto-Stretch and the border.
-Dual-Monitor now sets the background colour correctly for each wallpaper.
-Preview image fits better. It now fills the box properly if using a higher DPI.
-Dual-Monitor - It now works correctly if the second monitor is set to Primary.
-Fixed a memory leak in Sort By Ratings.
-Fill&Crop now works correctly when using Border + Resize Minus Taskbar.
-Changed the interface (thanks Grape Crusher).
-Fixed a checkbox problem (and a monitor problem in beta) with sorting categories.
-Enabled horizontal resizing of window and made the cat list 1 size taller.
-Automatically removes any wallpapers that do not exist anymore (only when main screen is not showing).
-Now removes multimonitor warning if confirmations are off.
-Fixed alignment for images with custom resize set.
-You can now use "-debug2" on the command line to store a debug log, but not show the initial message (debugging slows the program down considerably).

Version 1.41 - (05/10/2005)
-Fixed "only add borders to small images".
-Borders on "Resize & Crop" images are now shown properly.
-Fixed "Custom Resize" for stretched images.
-If using a custom colour for the background, the border colour will now be the opposite of that.
-Fixed a problem with "Shuffle" and "Choose In Order" when Monitoring Directory and using "Clear List Before Update".
-Added some more tooltips.
-Updated Help.

Version 1.40 - (05/10/2005)
-Added a new, unique feature that allows people using a dual-monitor system to display their wallpaper in the correct position and size on their two monitors, no matter how they are set up (with different resolutions and positions on the virtual desktop). More than 2 monitor support (Multi-Monitor) comming eventually.
-Full screen images can now optionally be resized to fit inside the border.
-Added ability to resize main window (ready for fitting in some more individual image options).
-Fixed all problems with the border (uses a new method).
-Fixed "Resize & Tile" and "Change On Startup".
-"Apply" now saves changes to disk straight away (so that it's the same as "OK").
-Fixed some other problems.
-Added the "Fill & Crop" option to the default style list, rather than just in the AutoSize window.
Thanks to Nighted, Grape Crusher, flightjock and Sam Stoat for their help in the last few versions.

Version 1.31 - (29/09/2005)
-Fixed "Change Every" not accepting numbers less than 1.
-Fixed a bug that on restart caused the current wallpaper to reset back to the first (if monitor is on).
-Border no longer covers part of the image (doesn't resize big images to fit the border in yet).
-"Update Now" in "Monitor Category" now works properly.
-Fixed border missing some pixels and a problem with "resize minus taskbar".
-Added a shortcut to show/hide border.
-Fixed some options that wouldn't immediately show the changes when pressing apply.
-Fullscreen on the main screen now starts from the selected item in the list.
-You can now exit fullscreen (making no changes) using the middle button
-If images are missing, then they are now skipped automatically without any interrupting message.
-Fixed Move to Category losing the current wallpaper's position in the list.
-Clicking Change Wallpaper will now apply the currently selected wallpaper if it is different to the currently applied wallpaper.

Version 1.30 - (25/09/2005)
-Added a new Shuffle feature. It will choose a number of wallpapers in a row, then move onto a random wallpaper and repeat the cycle.
-Added a new change interval feature. You can now input some times so that it will change the wallpaper daily at those times.
-Added a border feature. It will draw a border of custom size and color around (smaller than screen or any size) images.
-Added a new Mosaic effect, which pixelates the current image a certain amount.
-Much improved Options window.
-Fixed "Change Category": when pressing ok without selecting an option, and when changing to an empty category.
-Tiled wallpapers now show the watermark correctly.
-Fixed custom image viewer option box always clearing itself.
-All settings are now carried over with a wallpaper if you copy/move it to another category.
-It now saves "multiple category" selection choices after removing "choose from multiple categories", so it can be recalled when switching back on.
-Changed intelligent naming slightly - there will no longer sometimes be a directory name with just a "\" following it.
-Slightly faster performance with auto-background on.
-Fixed coloured auto-background when image has greyscale effect applied
-Added a new option to turn off "File does not exist!" error popups.

Version 1.23 - (28/06/2005)
-Added ability to change the alignment of individual images.
-Added ability to resize without using a filter (good for pixel art).
-Added ability to keep settings when uninstalling. Also now tries to close WPM before Reinstalling or Uninstalling.
-Sped up fullscreen image changing.
-Fixed a big memory leak.
-Fixed a coloured bar apearing on wide images when using resize minus taskbar.

Version 1.22 - (17/06/2005)
-Deleted images are now moved to the recycle bin rather than permanently removed.
-Added simple password capability to restrict access to WPM if you add a password.
-Added an option to "remove missing files" to the directory scanning dialog.
-Changed Wipe List Before Scanning to only wipe images that have no customization.
-Fixed a bug in Choose From Multiple Categories when using more than 65,000 walls in all categories in total.

Version 1.21 - (09/06/2005)
-Improved the directory scanning interface (Add Directory).
-Improved speed of monitoring and scanning by allowing the list to be wiped automatically before scanning (bypasses duplicate detection, which is extremely slow with more than 10k paths!).
-Watermark is now anti-aliased! (no jagged edges).
-Added a feature to watermarking that allows you to add a solid/semi-transparent rounded rectangle to the background of the text.
-Improved watermarking positioning. Fixed watermark moving around alot.
-Now saves category window position.
-Added a hotkey to show main window & fixed a bug with function hotkeys.
-Fixed a display bug that reset individual wallpaper styles.
-Fixed a couple a couple crash bugs.

Version 1.20 - (01/06/2005)
-Added a fullscreen slideshow feature.
-Improved user interface - layout and performance.
-Increased max wallpapers to 64000 per category (up from 32k).
-Added options to Intelligent Naming to make it more customizable.
-Can now choose which category to apply directory monitoring to (still only one though).
-Can now replace the tray icons with your own (just replace the two .ico files).
-Added a new Category menu to tray menu.
-Added a free wallpaper - makes it look less intimidating when you first start WPM.
-Improved performance (image change is quicker).
-Fixed a problem with the effects. It's now more random.
-Installer now sets the auto startup for Current User rather than Local Machine (all users) in the registry.
-Fixed a bug with the Update Now button in Monitor Dir.
-When changing categories it now remembers the last selected wallpaper.
-Changed some of the default values.
-Added option to put category name in tooltip.
-Added Update Monitor to right click menu of Category list.
-Monitor Directory is now able to be used alongside "Chose from multiple categories".
-When changing category, the last wallpaper selected in that category becomes the new current wallpaper (rather than the first wall).
-Now saves last window position.
-Fixed another tab problem with themes.
-Updated tooltips and help file.

Version 1.15 - (16/04/2005)
-Added a simple effects feature that will apply a couple effects to wallpapers every x in 100 wallpapers.
-Fixed another problem with the tab control when using higher font settings or higher DPIs (in windows advanced display settings).
-Fixed a problem that resets the current wallpaper when restarting WPM.
-Fixed Workarea Center for when taskbar is at the top.

Version 1.14 - (11/04/2005)
-Added ability to sort the categories.
-Can now rename/remove the initial "Main" category.
-Added ability to add an images directory name to watermark.
-Fixed a couple small crash bugs.
-Added shortcut keys to hide/show watermark and to show a random wallpaper.
-Added even more alignment options.
-Added ability to quickly rate multiple wallpapers in one go.
-Fixed Watermarking not showing when using "Fill Screen"

Version 1.13 - (31/03/2005)
-Fixed problem with tab if windows font size set too large.

Version 1.12 - (27/03/2005)
-Added option to add "Change In" time to tooltip.
-Added an apply button to main options.
-Improved auto-update.
-Fixed an startup crash problem.
-Fixed a focusing problem.
-Fixed an issue with "Resize Minus Taskbar".

Version 1.11 - (24/03/2005)
-Fixed a couple of bugs (Auto-Stretch, auto-cycle and pausing).

Version 1.10 - (23/03/2005)
-Added a feature that will stop a wallpaper change if the CPU is being fully used (>90% for 15 secs. e.g. while playing a game). Will catch up again when CPU is free. Only available on Win2k/XP systems.
-Added an option to choose what image editor to use, rather than just the default one.
-Improved watermarking visibility. You can now add a border, or a shadow to the text.
-Watermarking auto text colour has been improved and added a choice of watermark colouring. (If colour is too grey it now becomes black or white).
-Added ability to choose a custom resize area. Useful for creating a border effect.
-Added more alignment options.
-Added a couple options to background colour auto-analyse. Can now choose between most frequent colour, or inverted colour.
-Added more hotkeys.
-Fixed some problems with Mirror Wallpaper.
-Improved "Resize Minus Taskbar". It now recognises the taskbar at the top of the window.
-Impoved Intelligent naming for watermarking. (If there are mostly numeric chars in the filename then it adds part of the path to the filename. Also added capitalisation for chars after a space)
-Fixed watermarking being hidden by taskbar if at the top.
-Slightly improved GUI.
-Fixed a problem in aligning.
-Fixed a problem with the file selection dialog.

Version 1.07 - (02/03/2005)
-Added a feature that makes a wallpaper fill the screen completely while keeping the aspect ratio (crops the image though).
-Added an Auto-Update facility - can now automatically download an update.
-Added ability to check for update on startup (after 15secs. Default off).
-Fixed a bug in transparent icons (it now uses its own thread - stops flashing mouse pointer).
-Added function keys to hotkeys.
-"Mirror" in the tray menu no longer overwrites the old image file (stops possible problems with recompression, lost time stamp etc. "Mirror" in main window still permanently mirrors a file).
-Added a counter to see how many wallpapers have already been shown (for No-Repeats feature).
-Fixed a couple of problems with Global Hotkeys.
-Fixed a display problem with the main list.
-Fixed a problem with Move/Copy to category.
-Fixed crash problem with "Previous wallpaper" (undo) when changing categories.

Version 1.06 - (04/02/2005)
-Added an option to include "Shortcut" files. So any shortcuts to image files are scanned (Default Off).
-Added an option to change wallpaper before exit/shutdown/logoff/etc - useful if you want to see a new wallpaper straight away when you next logon.
-Added a hotkey to hide/show the tray icon.
-Settings are now saved in \Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Wallpaper Master\ folder (Win2k,XP - helps problems with permissions).
-Fixed problems with filenames with uppercase file extensions.
-Fixed problems with ratings hotkeys.
-Fixed problem with choosing random after adding files.
-Fixed an error on startup.
-Fixed a duplication problem when moving/copying files between categories.
-Fixed a crash problem with Remove Missing Files.

Version 1.05 - (18/01/2005)
-Fixed a serious bug that was showing the first wallpaper in a list far more often than others when using random (Kept choosing negative numbers for no reason).
-"Previous wallpaper" can now remember the past 10 wallpapers.
-Can no longer open multiple instances of Wallpaper Master.
-Fixed intelligent naming not turning off and not saving properly.
-Fixed settings not being applied immediately to wallpaper.
-Fixed problems with center and using large images (watermarking and alignment).
-Fixed "Previous wallpaper" not displaying correct name on watermark.

Version 1.04 - (06/01/2005)
-Added the ability to automatically check the internet for a new version. (Auto-update comming soon)
-Improved watermarking: filenames can now be more intelligently named (removes underscores, resolution values, etc).
-"Clearing" the wallpaper now pauses the timer.
-Added ability to choose how long to wait before it thinks you are idle.
-Choosing a position setting when multiple items in the list are selected, now sets them all to the new position.
-Everything is much more responsive (by removing some debug code).
-Increased size of category box (Added some options below it to a new context menu).
-Fixed a bug. If you try to delete a category but press no when it asks if you sure, then click on a wallpaper, it crashes.

Version 1.03 - (22/12/2004)
-Hugely improved positioning of watermarks.
-Added ability to choose own font style and font size for watermarking.
-Fixed watermarks not appearing on images that dont fill the screen.
-Fixed a problem with creating categories.
-Renaming a category no longer sometimes removes wallpapers in that category.
-Removed nag screen completely until the 30-day trial is over.
-Fixed Register ("Info..") link on register screen.
-Fixed Auto-size not showing enabled state.

Version 1.02 - (20/12/2004)
-Fixed some images not resizing properly.
-Fixed a problem with Watermarking.
-Fixed a problem with using "Multiple Users".
-Fixed problems that occured directly after creating a new category.
-Increased trial to 30 days.

Version 1.01 - (16/12/2004)
-Default max files is now 32000.
-Fixed a crash when using "Multiple Users"
-Fixed Auto-Sizing not saving.
Thanks to Jeff C. and Patrick A. for their help.

Version 1.0 - (15/12/2004)
*Major Additions/Changes*
-First release of the Pro version!
-Increased maximum files per category to 32000 (up from 5000).
-Added support for: GIF, PNG, JPEG-2000 (JP2), TGA, WMF and PCX images.
-Added a feature that allows you to have transparent backgrounds for your desktop icons (for pre Windows XP computers).
-Added various options to choose when to update the directory monitor.
-Added ability to choose to right or left align portrait images.
-Added ability to change the ordering of wallpapers (change position in the list).
-Added an option to automatically resize the wallpaper if the resolution of the monitor changes.

*Minor Additions/Changes*
-Added global hotkeys for ratings.
-Added option to choose the number of max files per category (depending on cpu speed).
-Added option to resize only images that are larger than the desktop.
-Added option to pause timer when screensaver is active.
-Manual pause status is saved between sessions.
-Added current wallpapers rating to tray tooltip.
-Sorting now ignores path, and just sorts by filename.

*Bug Fixes/Performance Improvements*
-Sped up "Remove" and "Delete", "Random/Use Ratings", "Remove missing files" (with large numbers of files).
-Sorting no longer clears which wallpapers have already been shown ("Random/No Repeats" is not reset).
-Much improved startup performance.
-By default it now starts up with Windows.
-Doubled speed of sorting.


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