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Wallpaper Master Pro

There are two different version of Wallpaper Master. There is the Freeware version and the Pro version. The freeware version is completely free. The Pro version is 30-day trialware, and after the 30 days some of the more advanced features will be disabled unless you register it. You can continue to use it as shareware though! It contains many new features and improvements over the freeware version, many of which will stay active after your trial.

Wallpaper Master PRO is the newer version, and is being continuously updated. The freeware version is just an old version which I have made freely available and is not being updated (download it here).

Wallpaper Master - Freeware   Wallpaper Master PRO

    Pro Improvements:
  • Support for many more image types (GIF, PNG, JPEG-2000 (JP2), TGA, WMF and PCX images).
  • Max wallpapers increased to 64000 per category! (Rather than 5000).
  • Change wallpapers at specific times of day.
  • Transparent icon backgrounds (for pre-WinXP computers).
  • Align images to any orientation.
  • Add a border to your wallpaper.
  • Ability to put the images name on the wallpaper (watermarking).
  • Stop wallpapers changing while using too many system resources.
  • Now includes a fullscreen Slideshow mode!
  • New Dual-Monitor support!
  • A Huge performance boost.
  • See a full list here.

Download Wallpaper Master Pro (Installer - 1.26MB) (Shareware)

Register Wallpaper Master Pro (just $20!) - Only required if you want the features below after your 30-day trial.

Visit the Message Boards for feature suggestions and support.

After 30 days the following will be disabled unless registered:
Image support except for jpg, gif and bmp.
Fullscreen slideshow.
Max files per list reduced to 2000.
Transparent Icons feature.
Wallpaper Aligning.
Dual-Monitor Support.
Watermarking (Image name written on the image).

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