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Wallpaper Master PRO - Added Features!

The following is a more comprehensive list of the improvements of the Pro version of Wallpaper Master over the Freeware version.

  • Support for many more image types (GIF, PNG, JPEG-2000 (JP2), TGA, WMF and PCX images).
  • Max wallpapers increased to 64000 per category! (Rather than 5000).
  • Now includes a fullscreen Slideshow mode.
  • New, unique MultiMonitor support! - Change wallpaper on your dual monitors.
  • Automatically change wallpaper at specific times of every day.
  • Transparent icon backgrounds (for pre-WinXP computers).
  • Skip a cycle if CPU load is too high (useful for when playing games).
  • Automatically position portrait images to uncover icons.
  • Apply a simple effect to a certain percentage of wallpaper shown (mirror, mosaic, grey scale).
  • Ability to overlay the image's name onto the wallpaper (watermarking).
  • Monitor directories for more than 1 category (individual category directory monitoring).
  • Ability to add a border to wallpapers (of any colour and width).
  • New styles: Fill & Crop, Pixel-Resize.
  • Custom resize. Resize images to a specfied size rather than full screen dimension to give a border effect.
  • Improved Scan Directory window.
  • Ability to open images using a specified editor.
  • More customizable tray tooltip.
  • Use "Windows Shortcut" files.
  • Password restricted access to categories.
  • Pause when screensave is active, and update wallpaper when screen dimensions change.
  • A new Shuffle feature (choose a random wallpaper, then choose a number of wallpapers in a row).
  • Improved uninstall - can choose to keep settings.
  • You can sort the categories.
  • Auto-Update Wallpaper Master Pro.
  • Auto-Colour choice now has an option between most frequent and least frequent colours.
  • Many more hotkeys. They can now include function keys.
  • Undo can now go back 10 wallpapers, rather than just the last.
  • You can set it to automatically update the directory monitor at certain times.
  • A huge performance boost - Faster wallpaper changes and load times.
  • Much improved user interface.
  • Even more customizable!




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