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Yahtzee Master

Yahtzee is a highly popular and addictive dice game, and it is played in many countries around the world.
Although it is a simple game to learn, it hides a complicated mathematical complexity, and has long been considered mathematically unsolvable.
Yahtzee is also know as Kniffel, Quintzee, Omniscore and Yaht.

Yahtzee Master Features:

You need java to run this game, download it from here, although you probably have it already.

Yahtzee Master is a free online game. It can be played straight from here or can be downloaded in a zip (200kb) or as a windows installer (500kb). The online yahtzee version doesn't have all the functionality of the offline version, but you can still play a traditional single-player game. Download Yahtzee Master to play with advanced computer players, or other human players.

See if you can beat the hard difficulty computer player, as it plays with a close to optimal strategy... have fun!

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This program is written in java. It was my final year project at The University of Leicester.
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