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Yahtzee Master - Freeware Download!

Download Yahtzee Master - V1.47 (Windows Installer - 479kb)

Yahtzee Master Zip - V1.47 (Without installer, use for Linux - 212kb)

Old versions:
Yahtzee Master - V1.44 (Without installer)

You need java to run this game, you can download it from here.

Changes :

Version 1.47 - 27/05/06
-Fixed another problem with scoring yahtzees (sometimes it would not let you score more than 1 Yahtzee in multiplayer).

Version 1.46 - 23/04/06
-Improved online highscores - now recorded monthly and stores everything in a database.
-Increased limit on highscore name/message to 60 chars.
-Fixed rules not showing up in online version (properly this time).
-Fixed a yahtzee bug in computer players.
-Fixed any problems with the applet not loading in some browsers.
-Further improved multiplayer security.
-No longer counts a roll if all dice are held.

Version 1.44 - 20/02/05
Improved security of multiplayer.
Fixed the rules not showing on the Applet version.

Version 1.40 - 06/02/05
Added Online Highscores. (Only for Applet version currently).
Fixed a bug that was very rarely giving multiple Yahtzees from just one.


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